Valentina Diouf nominated for Italian Sportrait ‘Revelation of the Year’ Full story:http://t.co/0lbc3WoLuX http://t.co/2XJUtnNzJY

This Lakers/Bulls game is definitely better than I thought it would be! Good work young Lakers! #ballislife

Without sponsors Aussie athletes wouldn’t get to fulfill their @olympics. dreams. Thank you @woolworths http://t.co/5BmR47k4mX #RoadtoRio

Sorry to hear the news about Cedric Kushner … RIP ✨💫🙏

@CoachMikePowell My pleasure. Great to see you! Awesome practice and a bunch of studs!

Best player @afcasiancup RT: @weRonlive maybe not the best player at the tournament but Omar Abdulrahman has been a fun player to watch

Best player @afcasiancup RT: @Xavzzzzz Tim Cahill for his consistency and goals. best austrailian footballer ever imo

Learn, learn, learn and keep a journal. http://t.co/FdFRozGI29

I swear if that was a dream..

Question: Who do you think has been the best player at the @afcasiancup , and why? http://t.co/etbLNOp2IJ

@TheBestyTravel absolutely. Will do

Learn more about the host cities of the #FIVBWorldChamps #WKBeach2015 on the official sitehttp://t.co/9DRPyVqUu3 http://t.co/w6XELiRPUI

Where to watch #SuperBowl XLIX in London this weekend http://t.co/dfVRHgEfuf http://t.co/Am2eukV480

@cutespartn makes sense to me

Cracking backhand from Morita Ayane #Japan made the crowd to go crazy at the #ITTFJuniorCircuit Finals!Check… http://t.co/MlDMbPXcSZ

Spending 100′s of days in hotels per year really makes coming to rooms like this special! Thank you @Gatorade http://t.co/ASeGaVtjfB

@BritishSailing totally smashing it in Miami at the first event of the year – keep up the good work!

“@zach_grady: @sydneyleroux things you’ll need for tonight’s episode: 1) alcohol. 2) blood pressure medication. 3) Depends.” ✔️✔️✔️

Would you call someone a South American-American if they had roots from Brazil?

Africa is a continent not a country, let that soak in

That too! RT @tdjohnson: @IamTinaThompson I think Cousins and Conley should have made it too.

@destiny_cloud @russbengtson I’m at fault for thinking people would do the right thing. And answering such a silly response smh

@William23R @russbengtson so did Russ and KD. They have a losing record and Portland and Memphis don’t

@lalluveras hellooooooo my friend. Thank you and the best to you also.

Thank you to OptumHealth CEO Larry Renfro and United Healthcare Group CEO Stephen Hemsley for inviting… http://t.co/q5fdPvp8Tp

“@TheBiliProject: @EddieMoses was gaming for our http://t.co/kwzcRjXOld did it go?” WINNER!1st place @TiltaGame http://t.co/gvJErACNjG