Some more when I think of them. Oh – @GerryBraiden is another.

REPORT: Big win for England U21 Men as they hammer Poland in EuroHockey Junior Nations Champs in Belgium: http://t.co/hpsNEfkuXQ

CGF chief Mike Hooper has spoken to us about Welsh boxer Fred Evans’ ban from #Glasgow2014. Latest here: http://t.co/0WjU7xjqJk #boxing

“@MySportsLegion: @judo_chopper thanks for the RT man…would love love love if you tossed us a follow as well! Thank you!” My pleasure

Hungry, hungry, huuuuungry. Let’s just grab some dinner ideas fro… oh WHAT http://t.co/TwHyfLUVmj

@NamishModi swhit01 at gmail dot com

@eli_teee No… Wait for him to take a selfie with you.
I finally found my perfect fit! Now I’m prac ready with my new #NIKEPROBRA thank you @tallcheryl http://t.co/SkiDofLaTA

@KellySotherton has your twitter handle always been Sotherchez?? Weirding me out if I hadn’t noticed it…

Cycle weather?!! #yesssss

Whatch this amazing woman tonight……Georgeanna http://t.co/ACwiG7mQr8
Brazil just reemploying old managers

@CPTdasAmericas @HenryCejudo I just got the low down from the one and only @dannyrube

Huge jump of 7.74m from @CedricDubler. Best ever decathlon long jump performance at the World Juniors. #Oregon14 http://t.co/jgppcnr08N

@MrCiaranHarley @darr8484 so if you can’t go anyway what was the point if your original tweet? 🙈

Yo @AlexWithStripes, we heard a rumor that your pearly whites are at Hayward. Come find us.

@timcarlislewine not yet sure what the reason is. Residency/professional sport/ run in with law all offered so far by twiterr(!)

WSOF 12: Hansen vs Sayles and Palomino vs Gonzales Aug9 on @nbc @MMAWorldSeries gonna be a great night!!!

.@davidomoregie‘s 13.24 is 3rd-fastest time ever at WJC. 2 faster times came from winners in ’06 & ’12. #Oregon14 http://t.co/eCT5BxFjcV

Had a good first few days of pre-worlds training camp in Bulgaria, shame about the wet weather today as for a change its sunny in the UK

.@davidomoregie‘s 13.24 is 3rd-fastest time ever at WJC. 2 faster times came from winners in ’06 & ’12. #Oregon14 http://t.co/jgppcnr08N

Antony Trueman, #eastenders just got better!

A great set of results from @gbcanoeing athletes at the junior & U23 World Champs http://t.co/g2Dw2KVMCc

я вчера проспал и не дождался

Scarily easy looking 13.24 from David Omoregie in the 110H heats. Champs record is just 0.06 quicker. #Oregon14 http://t.co/jgppcnr08N

😎 Fighters physique is all top heavy. Big #thighs though 🚶🏃🏃💪 @bigpey1601: @audley_Harrison somebody skipped leg day.”