It was nice meeting Fifth Third Bank, Marketing Director, Tricia Eltonhead! http://t.co/yAGQz4h9LV

Had a nice run on south beach today.. Feeling good feeling healthy feeling focused

Here with Greg Kosch, President of Fifth Third Commercial Bank! http://t.co/BvTjCHtQkq

Thank you to the execs at Fifth Third Bank for inviting me to speak to their private clients! The crowd was amazing & energetic tonight!

#GailVsHavok over before it started… @gailkimITSME is tough though! Doubt she’ll be out long! #IMPACTonSPIKE

@fightbobby @RockstarSpud @ShowtimeEY why do you need two guys in your corner when you fight? Let me do my job and you can do yours.

Viens de terminer la revision de ma formation pour la classe Emergence ( G2 ) de @EEBeauce jeudi et vendredi #formation #conférence #beauce

#fixitjesus we need a spark right now! Come on Bucs🙏😊 @AndraLlenej @SwinCash Y’all alright over there sis??!! #WhatTheBuc

Tuned into ESPN2 to watch my boy @Showtime_curtis do his thing tonight

Wenger: Welbeck can thrive after Euro treble @arsenal @ChampionsLeaguehttp://t.co/sJsW0P5ype

Up next: two of the toughest women I’ve ever met! #GailVsHavok http://t.co/R0oyZV9PIS

@FastBigDog @sylvanellefson did he bring any whiskey?

Hopefully @RockstarSpud gets the courage to stand up for himself one day… @ShowtimeEY has his back and so do I! #EC3andSpud

Syrian karate player Al-Kurdi and Iraqi weightlifter Al Aifuri become 4th and 5th to test positive at #AsianGameshttp://t.co/UEVE4f2zKw

Abuse someone weaker, then cheap shot your opponent. Leave it to a Carter… #EC3andSpud http://t.co/8o2Fsz08mn
For the love of hip-hop! Great day at the office!!! #lovehiphopHollywood #4s #4sapproved #rayJ… http://t.co/SwK2meKwBW

“@IMPACTWRESTLING: Hey @RealKurtAngle…. Give us the scoop!” It will be worth the wait! Soon… #TagTitleSeries

Чалый стал председателем заксобрания Севастополя

Wow… You do not see that every day. @AustinAries is a tough dude! Great win by @SamoaJoe! Incredible match! #AriesVsJoe

Strength & Purpose.

Had to buy a pair of @havaianasBR while in Brasil. Couldn’t resist getting these for my little girl. http://t.co/7iu3fI0IWo

Afternoon beach run in. Sometimes you gotta slow down, open your eyes and take a breath #GodsCanvas #SouthBeach http://t.co/Qs6oacHhs3

Gloves are really just for charity 😎@gchammer83: @audley_Harrison @ShelleyTweets1 @Katy_Shedders can I get a signed glove please champ : )”

All Freaking Smiles!

Ситуация в Крыму: полуостров выбирает очередную власть

I don’t even watch baseball, but the one time I sit down and watch for a minute I see a GrandSlam! Is it always this exciting!?!

This is wrestling! Stop what you’re doing and watch #AriesVsJoe! http://t.co/P1S0bL9YwT

👏👍👊@RoryJones_: @iFILMLONDON @YouTube @EddieHearn put @audley_Harrison on the bill!”