Just caught the fight between #BronerKhabib after a slow start from AB he step up pace & finished strong from 6th very good performance 👊🏾💫

Phewww made it before midnight. Up and at it for #Monday 👌🏼

You need to tell me the spots I need to go when I hit your #Country … Heading #india this year for real 💇🏾💇🏼💇🏻 https://t.co/6OslN0xGX8

What’s up with all the kickers today ?!

That was an amazing catch

@I_AM_SMUT you already know

Which of the proposed new Olympic events would you like to see added to @Tokyo2020?http://t.co/2FyNtCq8wu http://t.co/XgeqfQRruR

Arrived for another season in China. Sichaun Blue Whales. Crazy off season. Appreciate all your support. #MeVsRespect http://t.co/cYR3lnTiEN

Earlier today getting game ready… felt great to be back in American Airlines Arena… #lucky13… https://t.co/Oiw2wUSsA7

Pray for happiness and with that, will come love. https://t.co/688BSV6UNp

Y’all just underestimate how erotic it is to be understood.

@IamBlyzz ole spit shine head ahhh. It was good we saw the Martian

I feel vibes. I see auras. I read bodies. What you do?

THANK YOU to each&every man in this picture(A few guys aren’t shown but were there too🙏🏾❤️) I have… https://t.co/hd2R55HIer

Who won the NCAA XC weekend? Who didn’t? http://t.co/kaz9TtTUkC http://t.co/1oUNDPgQQG

Merci à @fenplast de m’avoir donné l’opportunité de partager ma conférence avec vos employés. Bonne continuation #fenplast #fenêtres #portes

Sometimes; thank the pain because it teaches us what pleasure never could.

Erika Ropati-Frost is smashing goals on her #RoadToRio! Check out her blog for all updates! http://t.co/VBXcebzkk9 http://t.co/jS9z8SRG4U

Cowboys we need a win tonight!!

@ShaudeSpade appreciate the thought

Even the sun goes down. Heroes eventually die. Zodiac signs often lie. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is for certain & nothing lasts forever.